Our Key Team Members

Edward Kitavi


Mr. Kitavi controls and oversees all business operations, people and ventures. He is responsible for the overall success of the business. He is the lead strategist and the leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term goals. He has very strong crisis management skills & ensures the company is constantly moving towards fulfilling its short-term and long-term objectives and does not diverge from its strategic guidelines. Mr. Kitavi brings on board valuable experience having worked in the Kenyan Refineries and in the Supply and Trading departments of Total Kenya, Shell Kenya and Ranway Traders. A University of Nairobi graduate in BSc. Mathematics and Physics. Edward has over 30 years experience in the oil industry. He played a key role in propelling Ranway Traders to a Ksh. 2.8 billion turnover during its maiden year of operation, as the company’s Supply and Operations Manager. He has built a reputation that has earned him a spot on the board of four schools.

James Maingi

Finance Director

James is our experienced Finance Director who oversees all the financial aspects of business and drive the company’s financial strategy and planning. He is largely responsible for assessing the financial performance of the company as well as possible risks and investments.

Faiza Aslam Mohammed

Marketing & Sales Manager

Faiza lives and breathes marketing.She is a flexible and versatile marketer who is responsible for the growth of our inbound sales channels. Among her key roles include tracking and analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns, managing the marketing budget and ensuring that all marketing material is in line with our brand identity. She is very successful in this role because she has hands-on experience with turning creative ideas into effective advertising projects. Ultimately, she helps us build and maintain a strong and consistent brand through a wide range of online and offline marketing channels. In addition, she is a high-performing Sales Manager who helps us meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping our company competitive and innovative. She is largely responsible for maximizing our sales team potential, crafting sales plans.

Our Mission

  • To foster a culture of partnership and collaboration with our stakeholders based on a relationship founded on trust.
  • To exceed our customers‟ expectations in product quality and service.
  • To adopt an innovative approach on how we do business.
  • To ensure our shareholders get value for their money.
  • To provide customized service solutions to meet all our customers' needs.

2015 Transition from Futures Energy Ltd.

Nippon Energy Services Ltd began operation in 2012 as Futures Energy Company Ltd.  Futures Energy Company Ltd started as an indigenous Kenyan Company that focused on the marketing and distribution of petroleum products. The company commenced trading in June of 2012 and had five board members, two of whom were in the company’s management team.

Futures Energy’s vision was ‘‘to become the brand of choice in the distribution of energy products in Africa’

In 2015, Futures Energy began the process to diversify into the lubricants business segment in fulfillment of its strategy. A partnership was entered into between Futures Energy and ENEOS Corporation Middle East & Africa, to market ENEOS, the ENEOS Corporation Lubricants brand in Kenya. ENEOS Corporation and Futures Energy assigned a license agreement, making Futures Energy the sole local representative to arrange local manufacturing and supply HONDA Genuine Motorcycle Oil on their behalf for their customer Honda Motorcycle Kenya Ltd.

ENEOS Corporation Japan Middle East & Africa

ENEOS Corporation Middle East & Africa assigned a license agreement with Nippon Energy Services Limited making us the sole local representative to arrange local manufacturing and supply ENEOS products on their behalf!

ENEOS Corporation Middle East & Africa has partnered with Nippon Energy Services Ltd. They also operate under the pseudo name ENEOS Motor Oil Kenya.

One of ENEOS Motor Oil Kenya's objectives is to introduce and expand the Japanese Technology Lubricants “ENEOS” branded products, which are highly technical and specialized products. Nippon Energy Services has been appointed the new partner/Distributor in the East Africa region. We are the designated regional representative for the ENEOS branded lubricants sales and marketing.

ENEOS Corporation Middle East & Africa has the facility and capacity to introduce all lubricants As No.1 oil company in Japan, ENEOS have been developing cutting edge technology special OEM lubricants with Japanese OEM’s like Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kubota, Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitachi, Yammer, CAT, FUSO, Hino and Hyundai. And ENEOS supply OEM lubricants both in Japan and globally.supplies